Surf BreakS info

In Hacienda Iguana

  • Colorados

Fast tubing beach break generally with many peaks and A framing waves. Best around mid to high tide but it changes with every swell. Low tide is a generally faster and barreling wave.

  • Panga Drops

Rock/reef break that offers tapering lefts and rights. Good for all types of boards. It amplifies swells and is usually bigger than Colorados. It is softer and can be good for all ability levels, it also works on all tides.

South of Hacienda Iguana

  • Manzanillo

Left point break with a rocky bottom that needs a Little bit of swell to break. Breaks best with a SW swell. Ideal tide is mid to high tide as it is generally too shallow at low tide. Good for intermediate to expert surfers. Only accessible by boat. Approximately 30 minutes away from Iguana.

North of Hacienda Iguana

  • Rancho Santana

Wedgy beach break with multiple peaks located on the north end of the gated community of Rancho Santana. Best at a mid to high tide and with small to medium sized swells. Good for intermediate to expert surfers. Accessible by boat or car.

  • Mag Rock

Beach/rock break located just to the north of Magnific Rock. Needs a large swell to break. Best at a mid to high tide. Best beginner break in the area as it is a very soft and forgiving wave.

  • Popoyo

Reef/rock break with a more predominant left but also a right that works. One of the most consistent waves in the area. Good for intermediate to expert surfers. Works with all tides and swell sizes. Accessible by boat or car.

  • Lance’s Left

200 – 300-yard left point break (rock/reef) on the north end of Astillero’s Bay. It has a huge cliff face that often blocks strong offshore winds. Good at all tides. It is a softer, more forgiving point break that is fun for all ability levels. This break can hold all size swells. Accessible by boat or car; if you go by car you will have to walk 15 minutes and walk out on the reef to paddle out.

  • Playgrounds

A rippable stone rock/reef break with a predominant left but often good short rights as well. Generally best on a mid-tide but varies by swell. Best on a S/SW swell. Good for intermediate to expert surfers and can hold waves well overhead. Only accessible by boat, approximately 1 hour away from Iguana.