Managua Intl’ Airport – Hacienda Iguana

Estimated time: 2h 40 mins
Estimated distance: 141 KM

  • From the airport exit turn right to incorporate in Pan American Highway. Keep going straight until you reach the second roundabout and turn right on the first exit.
  • You will drive through the city of Tipitapa heading towards Masaya for another 30 kilometers. Passing large fields and textile factories until you reach a large roundabout.
  • At the roundabout take the 2nd exit, going straight
  • At the intersection turn left and Papa John’s Pizza will be on your left.
  • Continue on the main road.
  • Before the roundabout on your right, you will find plaza paseo Masaya where there’s a grocery store, a Sinsa hardware store, ice cream store and more.
  • At the roundabout take the second exit to go straight until you reach another roundabout and take the first exit to the right and follow the main road to the town of Catarina.
  • At the next roundabout take the second exit to the town of Granada.
  • At the next intersection slight right to Nandaime. Follow the main road (10km) until you reach another intersection and veer to the left towards the town of Rivas.
  • Drive on the main road for about 45 km until you reach the town of Rivas. After passing Sinsa hardware store drive straight for 650mts and turn right.
  • At first intersection turn right towards the town of Tola (19 km away from HI)
  • Drive straight through Tola and you will reach the Central Park on your right.
  • Turn left at the park and police station will be on your left.
  • At the second entry turn right.
  • Follow main road for 15 km.
  • Hacienda Iguana’s first gate will be on your left. It has a bright yellow colored wall and a big sign for the golf course. If you reach the airport or run out of pavers and into a dirt road turn back because you went too far.
  • At the gate give your name and rental house and drive straight on a well-maintained dirt road.