Peñas Blancas Costa Rica Border - Hacienda Iguana

Estimated time: 1h 21 mins
Estimated distance: 70 KM

  • Incorporate to the main road Pan-American highway by turning left.
  • Drive 36 km until you reach the town of Rivas.
  • At the roundabout you will see two gas stations on your right, keep going straight.
  • After passing an El Halcon hardware store on your left, turn left.
  • At first intersection turn right towards the town of Tola (19 km away from HI)
  • Drive straight through Tola and you will reach the Central Park on your right.
  • Turn left at the park and police station will be on your left.
  • At the second entry turn right.
  • Follow main road for 15 km.
  • Hacienda Iguana’s first gate will be on your left. It has a bright yellow colored wall and a big sign for the golf course. If you reach the airport or run out of pavers and into a dirt road turn back because you went too far.
  • At the gate give your name and rental house and drive straight on a well-maintained dirt road.