• Are there any required inoculations?

No shots are required for U.S. citizens.

*** All travelers coming to Nicaragua from the following countries must present an international certificate of vaccination: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Perú, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Panamá, Paraguay and Venezuela. From the African Continent, all countries are included except the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Sao Toméand Príncipe, and Somalia.

*** All travelers coming to Nicaragua from the mentioned countries are required to bring their vaccine certification card.

*** All travelers coming to Nicaragua, even if they are only in transit through the mentioned countries are required to bring their vaccine certification card.

  • What are the visa and passport requirements for travelers visiting Nicaragua?

All visitors need a passport valid for at least six months to enter Nicaragua and a pre-paid airline (or bus) ticket exiting the country is mandatory. Additional specific entry requirements depend on your country of citizenship. Currently, you may enter Nicaragua without a visa if traveling with a United States of America, Canada or most European passports. Immigration will then stamp your passport with your approved length of stay (usually 90 days). For other countries, a visa may be required. It is always best to contact the Nicaragua Embassy nearest you for up to date entry and visa requirements.

TIP: Make a photocopy of the pages in your passport that have your photo and information. When you get the passport stamped in the airport, it’s a good idea to make a photocopy of that page as well after you get situated in your first hotel, and store the copies somewhere other than with your passport. This will facilitate things greatly if your passport ever gets lost or stolen. Also, consider taking a copy of your health and medical evacuation insurance policy.

  • Is there an entry tax?

The entry tax is US $10, payable in US dollars or Córdobas. Checks and credit cards are not accepted.