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According to statistics by Interpol and the United Nations, Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in the Americas, and the safest, after Costa Rica, in Central America.

Nicaragua is a short, two- to three-hour non-stop flight from Miami, Houston, Ft. Lauderdale and Atlanta. International flights land at Sandino International Airport in Managua, the nation’s capital.

  • American Airlines – 3 daily flights from Miami, seasonal service from Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Avianca – daily flight from Miami
  • Spirit – 3 flights a week from Fort Lauderdale, nonstop flights from Houston

There’s another airport now, Costa Esmeralda International Airport (ECI) and you can fly in from Liberia, Costa Rica to the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua in Rivas, this is where the best beaches of the country are located. Hacienda Iguana is only 5 minutes away!!!

You will not find this flight in websites such as instead check flights at

Domestically, La Costeña flies from Managua to Bluefields, Corn Island, Puerto Cabezas and other localities in Nicaragua. Nature Air flies between Managua, Costa Rica and Panama.

NOTICE: Due to the current political situation changes may apply to the previous flight. Please contact your preferred airline to know their current flight.

There is no bad time to visit Nicaragua, although there are better times than others.

If surfing is what you want to do then the best time to come down is March – November. The waves are consistent and the winds have died down. December is a bit smaller and perfect for beginners.

The weather is great during these months, with the heavier rain in October. Do know the hottest time is during semana santa week, usually on the last week of March or mid-April.

If you’re looking for culture, then the second week of February or the month of August is fantastic, as there are festivals all over the country, not least the Granada International Poetry Festival in February.

110 volts/60 cycles, as in North America.