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Our names are Ani & Ryan Cook, and we are very excited you decided to spend your holiday in our property.

Ryan is a professional Surf Instructor from San Diego, CA. He lived and trained in Hawaii years ago. As for me, Ani, I’m Nicaraguan and I graduated from Dentistry School in 2007 before moving down to Hacienda Iguana. 


We have been living in Hacienda Iguana for 3 full years now. Ryan loves the waves here, and we both appreciate the security and comfort this community has to offer. We love it so much we bought a piece of land.


We started our Property Management company, Vana Vacation Rentals, two years ago in the hopes of providing guests with the kind of service we would like to have ourselves while on vacation, as well as to help our property owners have peace of mind knowing their property is in good hands and well taken care of while they’re away. 


We found the perfect place to live, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.